Transfer to TSMHA - Tryout For TRAVEL (Tecumseh-Shoreline Eagles)

PrintTransfer to TSMHA - Tryout For TRAVEL
Registration opens June 25th, 2021

1) Fill out the new player registration form, attach and email our registrar at [email protected]

2) You will then be sent a residential transfer form to fill out and provide all the documents it asks for.  It will be sent to OMHA. 

3) Once approved you will be sent a link to register and pay.



Add the travel tryout passport to your cart when you register.

Attend the tryouts which are posted on the TSMHA website

Please check the website under Registration if planning on attending AE tryouts.

Should you wish your child to try out for a division above his/her age, an extra $100 fee will be required above and beyond the travel passport. This is for the sole purpose to utilize independent reviewers. Please select the option when you register. The VP of Travel will be notified of your intention.


AE Tryouts

TSMHA Tryouts for U10 through U15 will take place shortly after the A tryouts are completed in neighboring centers. The VP of Travel will communicate the schedule for these tryouts each season.

All prospective players are required to attend all tryouts. Only in exceptional circumstances or due to injury may a player be excused from attending a tryout. Permission to miss a tryout must be approved by the VP of Travel only.

For players wishing to play AE Travel, we strongly encourage all players to attend the AA tryouts as we want all players to be provided the opportunity to play at the highest level possible within TSMHA. However, if a player does not attend AA Travel Tryouts, they must agree to the following conditions AND complete a ‘Consent to Withdraw’ form and submit it to the TSMHA registrar.

If a player chooses not attend the AA Tryouts:

1. That player cannot request an NRP for transfer to a neighboring A center. Any TSMHA player considering an NRP request MUST attend AA Tecumseh tryouts and be released from the Tecumseh AA Team.

2. See Player Movement policy for additional information.