TSMHA Dressing Room Policy (Tecumseh-Shoreline Eagles)

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Dressing Room Policy

Tecumseh Shoreline Minor Hockey Associated (TSMHA) derives its authority from the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) which is part of the Ontario Hockey Federation and therefore will continue to adopt the existing dressing policy that is in place.

The Ontario Hockey Federation is committed to providing a safe, respectful, and fully inclusive environment for players, parents/guardians, staff, and volunteers.

With the support of the Ontario Hockey Federation, the Tecumseh Shoreline Minor Hockey Association will proactively work to ensure that all dressing room spaces and procedures are safe, inclusive, and equitable by anticipating and removing barriers that prohibit the inclusive participation of any and all players.

All players will have access to dressing room facilities that most appropriately meet their individual needs, which may or may not include accommodations with respect to gender identity and gender expression.

All requests for dressing room accommodations will be taken seriously and will be assessed on an individual and confidential basis in order to address the specific needs and requirements of all players.

With the support of the Ontario Hockey Federation, the Tecumseh Shoreline Minor Hockey will work collaboratively with and advocate for players to identify the most appropriate access to dressing rooms, including any interim and long term accommodation solutions, so as to reflect both individual players’ needs and the potential structural limitations of facilities.

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