Brittney's Battle Against Brain Cancer, News (Tecumseh-Shoreline Eagles)

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Mar 13, 2019 | Lee Walton | 2027 views
Brittney's Battle Against Brain Cancer
WMHA and Local Hockey Families,
An amazing local referee, Kyle Flood, needs our support, and the WMHA is asking you to help in any capacity that you can.  Please help Kyle & Brittney by visiting their GoFundMe Page...

Courtesy of Josh Pinese c/o WMHA

On March 4th, Brittney Seville was diagnosed with Grade IV of a rare brain cancer known as an Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumour.  She is currently in critical condition and fighting for her life in the Intensive Care Unit at Windsor Regional Hospital. Right now, Brittney and Kyle Flood need your support during Brittney's ongoing battle.

On Valentine’s Day 2019, Kyle came home from work to find Brittney barely responsive on the floor of their bedroom.  He rushed her to the hospital to discover that she had life-threatening hydrocephalus, a buildup of pressure in the skull.  On February 15th, neurosurgeons successfully drilled a hole in her skull to alleviate the pressure but found that her tumour had returned and was the cause of the pressure.

Four days later, Brittney had her third brain surgery to remove the tumour again.  After the surgery, complications arose and her health quickly deteriorated.  She has since been fighting through a serious blood and brain infection, strokes, seizures, and now a diagnosis of Grade IV Brain Cancer.

Her brain has been through so much trauma that she is currently unable to move or breathe on her own but can communicate only with her eyes.  Brittney is fighting courageously to improve her health so that she may confront her next opponent, cancer treatment.

After spending the past month in hospital, and most of the previous year recovering, Brittney has been unable to work.  Kyle is a hockey referee and substitute teacher and has been scratching and clawing to make ends meet for the both of them.  As Brittney’s health has deteriorated, Kyle has been unable to work most days as he is spending nearly all of his time in hospital by her side.  Unfortunately, the bills have been continuing to add up and this family needs your support.

Your donation will go directly towards supporting Brittney and Kyle through this devastating time.  Brittney’s road to recovery includes expensive cancer treatments, that will only add to their financial burden.  Any amount is greatly appreciated and will help them on this lengthy uphill battle.  Click below to be redirected to Kyle and Brittney's GoFundMe page.