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May 26, 2017 | Lee Walton | 1133 views
Bingo Funding AT RISK - TSMHA needs your help!
The TSMHA Bingo fund is at risk of being discontinued due to lack of resources.  We are currently looking for two (2) members to continue our long standing participation in the Bingo Fund.

The bingo fund is instrumental in many ways.  Specifically, it has been a source of funding for our House League and Travel jerseys of which without it our registration fees would have to be increased to cover these costs.  In short, we are doing all that we can to keep TSMHA involved in Bingo's and we need your help!

We are looking for two (2) members to be TSMHA's Designated Member-In-Charge.  Qualifications and responsibilities are listed below.  Should you wish to put your name forward, please forward your name to:

VP of Finance - Mark Horrocks
[email protected]


  • Must be at least 18yrs or older and a current member of the association in good standing
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Previous experience with cash and balancing of funds


  • Liaison with the Town of Tecumseh licensing department
  • Liaison with the Hall Charity Administrator
  • Liaison with TSMHA VP of Finance
  • Be familiar with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission Lottery scheme Terms & Conditions, policies. 
  • Complete all Town of Tecumseh lottery license applications as required
  • Complete all Town of Tecumseh lottery license reports as required
  • Schedule all Bona fide members and volunteers to operate bingo sessions
  • Be familiar with hall sessions programs
  • Verify all bingo paper issued and return for sessions
  • Balance all sales for bingo sessions
  • Complete daily session deposits
  • Complete Charity Association reports for bingo sessions
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