Day of Champs Information: March 4th and 5th, News (Tecumseh-Shoreline Eagles)

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Feb 26, 2017 | Lee Walton | 1217 views
Day of Champs Information: March 4th and 5th
UPDATED - The following table lists the schedule for our Day of Champions.  Please check your division calendars!

Please note that the teams will be decided after this weekend’s games.  The top two teams per division will compete in the ‘A’ finals, the third and fourth place finishers will compete in the ‘B’ finals, and the fifth and sixth place will compete in the ‘C’ finals.

There will be a celebration immediately following each game upstairs where food will be provided. Please be quick to change so we can start the awards presentation promptly.

This is always a fun way to end the season. The final games always seem like great matches where anyone can win. Let’s CHEER as LOUD as we can and be happy for BOTH teams when the final buzzer goes off!


Saturday March 4th

8:00AM - Novice C Final - Team 3 Crush (H) vs. Team 5 Yellow Jackets (V)
9:00AM - Novice B Final - Team 2 Hurricanes (H) vs. Team 6 Red Demons (V)
10:00AM - Novice A Final - Team 1 Green Machine (H) vs. Team 4 Lightning (V)

11:30AM - Peewee C Final - Team 5 Red Fury (H) vs. Team 3 Black Aces (V)
12:30PM - Peewee B Final - Team 6 Volts (H) vs. Team 4 Stars (V)
1:30PM - Peewee A Final - Team 2 Kings (H) vs. Team 1 Sharks (V)

3:00PM - Tyke C Final - Team 5 (H) vs. Team 3 (V)
4:00PM - Tyke B Final - Team 6 (H) vs. Team 2 (V)
5:00PM - Tyke A Final - Team 1 (H) vs. Team 4 (V)

Sunday March 5th

8:00AM - Atom B Final - Team 4 Snot Rockets (H) vs. Team 3 Yellow Jackets (V)
9:00AM - Atom A Final - Team 2 Lightning (H) vs. Team 1 Red Devils (V)

10:30AM - Pre-Tyke Final - Team 2 (H) vs. Team 1 (V)

11:30AM - Bantam B Final - Team 1 (H) vs. Team 4(V)
1:00PM - Bantam A Final - Team 2 (H) vs. Team 3 (V)

3:00PM - Midget Juvenile C Final - Team 4 (H) vs. Team 2 (V)
4:30PM - Midget Juvenile B Final - Team 5 (H) vs. Team 6 (V)
6:00PM - Midget Juvenile A Final - Team 3 (H) vs. Team 1 (V)
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